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Grad Party Rentals

Now that we’ve had our first taste of Spring weather, the eagerness of students to graduate gets that much stronger. Whether they plan on going to college, get right into a job, or take a gap year to travel, that feeling of giddiness is all the same. With just a few months left in the… Read more »

Grad Parties

For high school students, seniors especially, summer just can’t come quick enough. Not only does school let out, but seniors graduate, and that means no more high school for those who passed (flying colors or not). It is a special moment where one chapter closes and another opens. It is also a time for reconciliation,… Read more »

Still Able to Accommodate Indoor Parties!

Don’t forget, we also accommodate indoor parties! If you plan on hosting your next party inside, let us know what kind of supplies you are going to need. From linen tablecloths to tables, chairs, and other party rentals, Main Event Tents can be your one-stop shop for almost any party. Even if you don’t see… Read more »

Why a Tent Rental?

Not just in the rain but in any kind of weather, the tent is usually where the party is, at the party. Whether it is where you have the food out, where the band is playing, or maybe neither, the tent always provides a central point for the party. It helps gather everybody and keeps… Read more »

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

If you plan on getting married this summer or anytime soon, you know the wedding to-do list seems like it goes on and on. With so many things to do before the wedding, it might make the rehearsal dinner feel like it’s just another chore on the list. You must keep in mind though, it… Read more »