Frame Tent Rentals

Are you hosting a family party, wedding, banquet or other event soon? When you need a tent for a party, don’t call anyone but Main Event Tents. We have pole tents and frame tents available for renting so that your party can be exactly what you pictured.

We also have frame tents, which are modeled after a canopy. They only have perimeter poles and guy ropes. This type of tent is perfect for a family reunion or wedding ceremony. Again, we have a variety of sizes, so be sure to ask our knowledgeable staff for assistance when choosing a size.

If you are worried about having a tent that is open on all sides, we can add side panels to block out wind, rain, and insects. The panels can either be plain white to match the tent or have “windows” so that light can still be allowed in.

All tents are “all white” in color. Delivery charge not included in pricing.

Size / Color Rental Rate Banquet Seating
10×10 $175 12
15×15 $300 30
20×20 $375 42
20×30 $400 60
20×40 $450 72
30×30 $900 90
30×45 $1,200 120
40×40 $1,500 160
40×60 $2,000 240
40×80 $2,500 320