Pole Tent Rentals

Pole Tent Rental from Main Event TentsPole tents are predominantly supported and secured by means of stakes, 32” to 42″ in the ground, and use of ratchets or ropes. Pole tents should not be setup on concrete surfaces. In order to drive the stakes into the ground to properly anchor and secure the tent, grass surfaces are best.

Furthermore, pole tents require center poles to support the vinyl covering of the tent. Center poles can sometimes get in the way because they could take up table space or make layouts more challenging. This is why we also offer frame tents although, the center poles of the pole tents can be used to hang event decorations and/or lights, which tends to be very common. We can provide LED lighting for your tent rental if desired, just ask for pricing details upon your inquiry. Another thing to note, pole tents are typically cheaper than frame tents because they are less labor intensive.

All tents are “all white” in color. Delivery charge not included in pricing.

Size Rental Price Banquet Seating Round Table Seating
15X15 $250 18 16
20X20 $300 36 32
20X30 $350 54 48
20X40 $400 72 64
30X30 $450 90 72
30X45 $725 120 96
40X40 $750 150 128
40X60 $950 240 190
40X80 $1,250 320 250
40X100 $1,600 400 320