Tons of Fun!

There appears to be another busy summer season of weddings ahead of us this year. Not only does Main Event Tents have a ton of weddings to set up for, but we even have weddings of our own families and friends to attend to! If you ask me, there’s no better way to enjoy yourself than celebrating with friends and family during a nice, warm, summer day. Here at Main Event Tents, we strive to make that experience mutual as best as we can, and I must say we never disappoint!

From tent rentals to wedding supplies, we have all the essentials for your important day. We tend to be used as a “one-stop shop” so be sure to share everything you will be needing for your wedding. Keep in mind the packages we offer may be altered to better cater to your wedding theme and/or better accommodate your guests. For example, we have matching table cloth linens for almost every color imaginable. We even have different chair colors and styles, too, along with a variation of different tables. From long rectangle tables to round tables to high-top tables, you have the freedom to setup your wedding however you wish. It is very common to use the tables to designate areas to certain things. For example, the high-top tables could be used during the cocktail hour so people can gather and mingle over a drink and perhaps some hors d’oeuvres. The lower tables could then designate the area in which guests are to sit and enjoy their dinner. Nonetheless, we’ve seen weddings set up in all sorts of different ways. So however you would like your wedding set up, is totally fine with us.

We look forward to helping your wedding be that much more special! In all of the years we have been doing this, we have never fallen short of spectacular. And we would be honored to show you.