Be Prepared for Your Next Private Party or Company Picnic!

When you are thinking about throwing your company’s next summer party, make sure you can accommodate your guests no matter what! Frame tents and pole tents can both be utilized to offer a relaxing, shady break from the heat, as well as protection from harmful UV rays. We all know how hot it can be playing KanJam under the scorching sun!

On the flip side of things, having a tent or two for your party can also guard people from the rain. Whether it poured or sprinkled, we’ve all been unprepared for a surprise rain shower before, and it doesn’t always end pretty. Have a tent at your party to keep everyone dry and happy! Plus, do you really want the Sahlen’s hot dogs to get wet?

Whether you’re planning a one-time event or something ongoing, Main Event Tents has all your tent rental needs for a company party. Browse our website for information on packages, or give us a call at 716-649-9604!