Booking a Wedding?

Are you getting married next summer or fall and in need of a tent rental? Whether you plan on having your wedding outdoors or inside, frame tents are a great essential for your guests. Especially since weddings require planning ahead, the tent will be your wedding’s saving grace if it decides to rain that day. And if it doesn’t, then you and your wedding party can stay cool and out of the sun’s way underneath the tent’s shade.

Our frame tents are perfect for weddings because they don’t require a center pole through the middle of the tent. This provides a more open look and more space underneath for a dance floor or other needs for your wedding. We can provide sidewalls for the tent as well if you want a more enclosed, private feel. The walls can also be folded back but they have windows that let natural light through so it won’t be too dark if you decide to let the tent walls down. Please be sure to ask any questions regarding details with the sidewalls, including how to use them, if needed.

We look forward to helping you make your wedding a special day! Use our brief contact form located on the right of the page for an easy way to reach us, send an email to, or simply give us a call at 716-649-9604.